Sunday, June 19, 2011

Adding to collections...

A while ago I was invited to go and pick some things that would other wise have been thrown out because their previous owner had passed away. There was a list attached and it included a bunch of things that I just couldn't bear picturing in a dumpster somewhere.

Among the things I picked where these three cameras, they're all analogue and I haven't tested them yet, but if they work(and I think they might) they'll be awesome. The one above is a very old Kodak Instamatic which still has the original box and even the flashcube.

Below is one that can take panoramic pictures and one that turns on in a really cool way: the square the lens is in pops out completely. So cool! I can't wait to try them all.

The reason I came was the knitting needles. My instinct said there would be some like the ones below. I've always wanted some, they have a cute little acorn like shape and are all plastic and oh so pretty. To be honest I was afraid I'd never find any in my lifetime(and if I did they'd be a cute pink, but yellow and purple are gorgeous too), but now I have two pairs, plus some metal pink ones and a bunch of regular dull greys of course.

Then all of a sudden I spotted owls. These two tiny little gold cuties.

They have a special place on one of my bookshelves. I love putting all sorts of trinkets and things on my bookshelves. Here's an example of one in my room. It has some owls, body shop perfumes I bought on sale, a creepy and cute Marie Antoinette painting I made some years back, a fox statue from my graduation ceremony and a reading fairy without wings(but with a flower light to make up for that).

This shelf is mostly reserved for Lemony Snicket and the Spiderwick Chronicles. Though due too lack of space I put some other, more grown-up novels, in front too.

I love how two of my biggest loves: owls and books, go so well together. Putting them on my shelves is the perfect excuse to collect them, don't you think?


  1. Those knitting needles are so pretty. And I love shelves like this, busy, but with everything in it's perfect place :) x

  2. Wow, you lucky thing! I find myself being very jealous of a culture of passing things on that just doesn't exist here.

    A Series of Unfortunate Events = Love! <3

  3. What lovely finds :) the little gold owls are adorable x

  4. Who created that beautiful artwork in the last photo? I love it!


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