Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Amazing Art: inameliart

If you're browsing Etsy a lot, I'm sure you've zome across inameliart at some point. The shop is run by Amelia, a lovely artist with a wonderful talent for creating adorable animals on canvas.

You can even get custom work done, like a portrait of your pet for instance.

But there are plenty of ready made pieces too, with all sorts of species on them.

I love that they're all very merry -a lot are even party-themed- but very serene as well. They make you both happy and calm!

Amelia is actually doing a giveaway on her blog right now. Click this link if you'd like to join in!
Visit Amelie's shop to see more paintings and prints. And be sure to follow her blog too, so you will see what new pieces she's working on.


  1. I love the one with the rabbit, beautiful!.

  2. Amelia is so talented. I love the cat in the glasses

  3. Beautiful! My favorite is the rabbit with the caged heart.

  4. Amelia is amazing artist . Im so happy to know her and to have her wonderful artworks in my home)Thank you for sharing her talent with others!


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