Saturday, August 18, 2012

In the Mail...

When I saw Izzy was giving away a set of Fawnsberg stationary by Studio Primele I was really hoping I'd win. And it turned out I did!

Just look how amazing this correspondance set is. You can really see they put thought into every little detail and deliver the best possible quality too. Everything is perfect, from the writing sheets to the logo to the lining of the box.

The whole line is breathtaking, but this oak motive is my absolute favorite. I'll be sure to save it for some very special letters.

If you want a set of your own or are interested in seeing the other options, visit their website or Etsy.


  1. I've never won the giveaway entry before! I'm jealous!
    I love this stationary! So pretty!

  2. Congrats! That stationary is too cute!


  3. Cute! I love stationary :)
    I hope you enjoy using it :)

  4. oh so pretty!! whoever receives letters on this will feel very special :D xxx

  5. Hi, this is so cute! I think your blog is absolutely lovely, keep blogging its really nice to read :) i've just followed you on gfc and pinterest so if you'd like to check out my travel blog and follow i'd really love that!

    have a great day! xx

  6. Congrats on your win! The details are charming.

  7. What an awesome set! And you're very lucky when it comes to giveaways! ;)


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