Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Teal Appeal

You probably know teal is one of my favorite colors. It's calm, elegant, has just a touch of magic and goes well with all the basic colors too. And I wore lots of it today!

The above necklace was a birthday gift from one of my dearest friends. It only just arrived, but I already love it like I've worn it all my life.

The nails are actually a scented polish, along with a holographic topcoat, which is even more amazing than you can see now.

My "cool" watch. I love that it's so simple.  And some of my favorite sneakers to top it off.

Also, this is how the necklace was wrapped. Isn't it perfect?

What color are you loving in your wardrobe?


  1. Teal is such a pretty color. Your new necklace is so pretty and I love how it was wrapped :] The nail polish also sounds and looks amazing. I am not too sure I have a favorite color to wear at the moment...but I suppose black and white are my staple colors.

  2. I do so love your nails! Nice necklace and the wrapping is so special .. That's a good firmed you have.


  3. Cute nails, and I love your watch! I love experimenting with color nail polish.

  4. I love teal is such a great colour. Also your nails look amazing, love the holographic topcoat! x

  5. Oh my, I love teal! It's one of my favorite colors EVER!!! Also, scented nail polish?! What brand?! What scent?! It's so pretty. <3 So is your necklace, BTW. And yay sneakers!

    Oddly enough - because I never ever thought of this color combo - dark brown and mustard accents REALLY are so "me". They go so good with my skin color and hair color (when it's blonde.) Never ever did I think I'd wear those colors/those colors together - but wow!

    I'm also loving soft grays and light blues. Reminds me of stormy clouds and sunsets!

  6. I love your beautiful necklace

  7. I love teal, it's such an intriguing colour. Those nails are incredible! I have some matte teal nail polish which I like to wear on my toes with tan leather summer sandals.

    For my wardrobe right now I'm craving some bright spring green!

  8. beautiful nail polish and beautiful photos! I love teal too, but my fave is good old Beige :)

  9. Love the necklace and the package! Teal is one of my favorite colors. Bright green is my all time favorite, though. :)

  10. I love teal, such a vibrant fun colour!

  11. I really like teal ;). What an adorable watch!!!

    Reading that you were able to play Travis' song made me smile big time! :D They're a great band; I love their Scottish accent :p. Thanks a lot for your sweet comment; I really appreciate it ;D.

    And hope you're getting ready to have an awesome weekend!


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