Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pretty Paintings: Jolene Lai

Jolene Lai is a very talented artist who recently got on my radar. I love her use of color, subject choice and the casual absurdity she puts into every piece. Having just come back from Singapore I found it funny to read that she's actually from there. And she also has a blog full of updates on her work.

{all images belong to the artist, of course}


  1. Her work is wonderful! I love the strange twists in every piece. Thank you for sharing :]

  2. Wow these are fantastic! I've never heard of her before, I'll have to check out some more of her work.

  3. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful artist! I love the way she makes you look again and draws you into little details in each scene. And I adore those messy, hidden-away locations too, places like storage cupboards and basements, things we see everyday and which become somewhat magical through her paintings!

  4. Oh, what an interesting artist! I have to look into her art ;).

    Hope you have an awesome weekend, Laura! Now I'm going to catch up with your blog :p.


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