Friday, May 4, 2012

Lovely Movies: the Art of Getting By

After seeing the trailer I just had to see this movie. It includes so many of my favorite things (art, noodles and Freddie Highmore) that I just couldn't miss it. During my trip I had the option to rent it, so I did.

Though I had somehow expected it to be less of a teenage-story, I still loved this movie. In fact, it almost makes me want to go back to high school and do it differently.

Yet again the trailer spoils all surprises. I suggest you only watch the first minute if you do want a taste:


If you've seen Finding Neverland, you're probably a bit of a Freddie Highmore fan as well, I don't think you can watch that movie and not be blown away by the bench-scene. Thankfully he does not dissappoint, even though he is a bit less cute than he was when he was little, he's still a phenomenal actor. I also have to mention Blair Underwood, as he made a fantastic principal.

Leave any similar movies in the comments if you know any. I just love movies with a vibe like this and would be happy to check out your recommendations!


  1. This movie looks really cute! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. i loved this movie. another good one is like crazy. definitely a must see.

  3. Oh man, I don't want to watch the trailer at all haha! I hate knowing everything about a movie before I see it. ;) But OMG, that's the kid from Finding Neverland? One of my faves!

  4. Well that's now on my 'to see list' I agree he is a fantastic young actor. Loved Finding Neverland, have you ever seen August Rush? It's Freddie again & again in a creative/artistic manner, this time with Music, it is a lovely film - I enjoyed it anyway.

  5. I have been wanting to watch this movie FOREVER. I love Emma Roberts! :)

  6. I saw the trailer for this ages ago, but never got around to seeing it!! Definitely adding it to my To Watch list!


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