Sunday, May 20, 2012

Singapore: the People

The people in Singapore were lovely and friendly and there were so many nationalities as well.
Though my fingers were itching to take portraits, I didn't real dare to take many. But I did manage to put together a collection of pictures to give you a glimpse of all I saw on my trip.

I loved seeing so many cultures coexist so peacefully. Though there are many nationalities in my city as well, things aren't always as friendly as I wish they were. Perhaps I didn't spend enough time in Singapore to see the true reality, but it did seem to go well there.

Like the juxtaposition of city and nature, there is also a huge difference in people. Some seem to be very traditional, while others focus on being as beautiful and perfect as they can be.

I saw lots of photo shoots on the streets, mostly for engagements. I found it quite odd at first, as I've never seen anything like it where I live.

The people do put a lot effort in their appearance and it shows. Even guys are very well dressed( don't have any pictures of those unfortunately. There are so many different styles though, from very simplistic to very sophisticated to very cute and doll-like.

That's it for today. Up next: animals!


  1. Some lovely images - Singapore looks like an amazing place.

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  2. Such interesting images! I particularly love the engagement photo.

    Can't wait to see the animals you've snapped! :P

    Have an awesome week!

  3. Great street and portrait photos, I can imagine the atmosphere.

  4. Wonderful post! thanks for bringing Singapore to us :) Love your photos, my favorite is the 2nd engagement photo where their outfits match and they both have head covers.

  5. you have definitely been to more interesting places than i did during my trip! well done!

  6. Glad you liked Singapore :) Also, lovely photos you've taken! I guess the people here are quite fashionable and they do have loads of engagement photos taken at the more traditional/old places because such places are rarer here! Hope to see you again in Singapore soon x


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