Monday, March 21, 2011

Marvelous Music

You may think: What the hell is wrong with your picture?!
Well, I have an explanation for that. Everyday a channel airs an hour of Brazilian music videos. As of a few months ago I've been a regular viewer/listener and quickly grew to love the music. There was one song that was stuck in my head for months, however I could not figure out who the artist was, after months of waiting the song came on again, in my desperate attempt to find it I took this picture for future reverence.

A few days later I finally heard them say the band was Papas da Lingua and now I've found the song too!
I was so excited when I finally did it! And now I listen to it whenever I want instead of humming it to myself. This is the song:

There's also another song that's really good, but I haven't found yet. If you happen to recognize this singer, please let me know!

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