Saturday, March 26, 2011

Just a Little Update

Today I thought of a new hair style that I absolutely love! (The bow actually came from a bottle of Baileys I bought during the holidays, shhh!)

Here's a little picture I tried to take with the self timer, but didn't exactly work out. Somehow I like it though.

And now onto some great great news! I finally got me some Blowfish shoes! I never saw them anywhere where I live, not even online. I was just getting ready to order some from an international site when I got an email for a coupon you could buy for 50% off, so I checked and tah-dah: they had Blowfish!

A few days later they were delivered to my home and turned out to be a perfect fit. I am so extremely happy to finally own them. I waited years and years for this and I'm pleased to say they're every bit as good as I hoped.

A little while ago I popped into a bookstore to see if they had any secondhand Murakami's (which they never have, I guess people just can't bear to part with them,) when I somehow gathered a bunch of books.

  • the Thirteenth Tale Diane Setterfield Book review coming soon
  • Holidays on Ice David Sedaris I just love David Sedaris, usually listen to his audiobooks, so this will be my first time actually reading it
  • On Beauty Zadie Smith Zadie Smith has long been on my to-read list, so when I spotted this one it was a no-brainer
  • Small Island Andrea Levy Just caught my eye
  • the China Lover Ian Buruma Came across this one a bunch of times and always seemed nice

Also, I bought glitter nail polish on sale and made an electric blue/neon pink combo, which happened to match the Skip Bo cards. I've been playing that a lot lately, it has to be one of my favorite games.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to catch up on my 30 days of lists and maybe list some owls. What are your plans?


  1. hahaha i love saving bows off bottles, too :) cute shoes! i have some booties like that [also blowfish brand] but they are blue w/ some like pink and purple marks on 'em...really hard to match w/ things...haha i like yours better :D

  2. lovely hair style and great reading choices as well!

  3. I like your hair and the nailpolish!

  4. I love blowfish boots! They are lovely x


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