Saturday, July 28, 2012


Lately I've been loving the navy blue/beige-ish colors combo. In fact I scored a really cute skirt to complement a shirt and scarf that definitely deserves it's own outfit post. But first... a nice collection from things I found online.

I love this classic, fairy tale-like head piece. And it's perfect for summer as well.

Perfect top, perfect name: "the Book Club President Top".

Old suitcases always intrigue me, so I was really stoked when I found this photo album. It comes with a sticker sheet so you can put all sorts of countries on there.
Blowfish stayed true to character and released these awesome denim flats.

There's just something special about this locket. It looks so magical! I bet it would look great with a bit of a worn vintage photograph in it.

I love everything about this brooch: the illustration, the background, the border and just the cute look on the bunny's face.

Beautiful, lifelike and elegant. I adore these earrings! And pretty much everything else from that shop as well.

 What classic color combinations are you adding to your wardrobe this summer?


  1. such a pretty collection! the head piece, locket, and earrings are my fave! :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  2. I love the headpiece, it's so gorgeous!

  3. Girl, I am WITH you!!! The blue (especially NAVY blue) has been overtaking my life this month! I want to turn my guest bedroom into a homage for blue and beige. My husband disagrees because he's in the Navy and has to wear blue fatigues all day long. LOL

  4. I've been meaning to make my own flower crown for ages. The summer is about to end and I still don't have the materials, ha.

    Love that bunny brooch, btw :p.


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