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Interview & Giveaway with Olga from wassupbrothers

If you've been reading my blog lately I'm sure you spotted some of Olga's owls recently. Well, she's here today! Not just with another giveaway, but also to answer some questions so you can get to know here better. Enjoy!

-When did you start making your beautiful creatures?-
Over the past 10 years I tried to find myself in different kinds of art: illustration, painting, fashion. But lately I've been stuck on the art soft toys. They give me the opportunity to use all the skills and creativity that I have accumulated, and bring me much joy and pleasure. I make them for not long time, and decide to come out with them seriously in the beginning of 2012. When i made my first owl, I did not think it's serious and now I can't imagine that there once was a time when I did not create my soft little friends. Huge Thanks to my husband, who believe in me and support in every way from the start and now!
-Have you always enjoyed crafts and creating things?-
From early childhood I loved to do something with my hands. Thanks to my mom, who always sewed clothes for the whole family, and dad, who carved wood, and grandma, a very crafty, positive and inspirative woman. I sew on my grandmother's Singer machine and it reminds me of her every day and inspires me to work more productive.

Some years ago in my life I was uncontrolled user, not shopaholic, but I’ve used too many things I don’t need. Unnecessary, and needless things. I used too much, I ate too much, i wasn't happy and satisfied with all the things that are bought.
In 2009 i became vegan and many things get clear for me about food, life, and everything.
I think people have to think, why do they have to buy something, if they can do it themselves. Planet resources are not endless. And I’m happy the number of people who think about it and want to change something is growing.
Recycled and handmade things have not only ethic nature, its always about past and story behind them. They are soulful and have many energy.
-Where does your inspiration comes from?-
My inspiration come from nature, morning sunshine, pieces of fabrics, strange colors combinations, my husband smile, our wonderful funny dogs. Sometimes you can take single button and in the end you will have beautiful bird or lion. You never know what you will see in the end, that’s why I do not use patterns mostly.It's a magic to see, how tiny pieces of fabric, vintage buttons, old dresses or embroidered table runner turn to a soulful creations.
-Do you have a certain ritual for when you create? Do you listen to music or do certain other things?-
I would like to say that my daily ritual is what I get up early in the morning, do my yoga and breathing exercises, drink fresh fruit juice, and attune to the positive and the love for the world ....... and after that i start working
It also happens)))
In reality, half of the day I do a million necessary and unnecessary things, I can sit for hours in the Internet, then tear off myself from computer and start clearing the workplace from fabric scraps, yesterday tea cups and many other things. After that, I turn on music that did not distract from the process, and work.
(Last month i like to listen Smolik or old Olive songs ) I know once i sit down with my sewing machine, I'm stuck there for long, and it is my favorite time!

-What does your perfect Sunday look like?-
My perfect sunday is definitely Sunny and spent together with my husband out of the box. 
Plush Picnics with my owls, photo sessions, watching movies and simple walks around are perfect.

-Do you have any plans for your blog or shop that you'd like to share already?-
I want to expand the horizons and think maybe about open one more Etsy store. For now I have not decided on what to stop first, but I'm interested in doing accessories, handbags, jewelry and clothing. Everything that I do for myself for a long time and happily like to share with others. 
-Is there anything else you want to tell the Blue Eyed Night Owl readers?-
Dear readers, thank you for your interest in Laura's wonderful blog, and my interview. Stay positive and enjoy the summer time , even though summer is not pleased us with the hot sunny days this year. Stay crafty and creative!
I hope you enjoyed the interview! But as I mentioned earlier, that wasn't all. There's also a chance to win little Mocco Manuel!

For a chance to win simply fill out the rafflecopter widget below. Visit Olga's shop to enter and to unlock all extra entries for an even better chance to win.

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You can enter until the end of July.
Good luck!


  1. Preston is the cutest <3 Absolutely adore her work. So cute!
    xo Heather

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    Hope you're having a great weekend!


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  9. I love reading more about you Olga! Thanks you so much for this giveaway!!!

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  12. Frank little owl looks incredibly cute and like a great little companion.
    I love the non-owl additions too :) The postal pigeons pull at my heartstrings because I love mail, and they're a wonderful idea for a plush!
    Great interview, by the way!

  13. Love your owls and your cute work! Keep making dreams..

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    Lubka K.

  15. what a great interview! and that owl is so cute. Thank you for stopping by, you have a lovely blog. xo

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  25. i would have to say that frank or brian are my favorite
    but all of her owls are so beautiful

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  29. Replies
    1. Dammit I tapped my enter button too quickly.. My Pinterest username is Elisse (not just E)

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