Friday, July 1, 2011

Uh oh!

It seems like I'm sick. Not sure if it's some sort of flu or just a really bad cold, but it's not fun and I think it might get a little worse too.

Tomorrow I was supposed to meet up with a friend, I really hope I can make it, but if not I hope I can have a little movie marathon by myself.

So no real blogging today, sorry!


  1. Oh you poor thing :( Flus are never pleasant...I really hope you get over it quickly, and if you can't meet your friend, curl up with icecream and all your favourite movies!

    And you are such a sweetheart ^_^! Thank you so much for making that amazing button and linking me <3 I'm very lucky indeed!

    P.S There is a little package winging its way to you! I hope you like it <3

    PPS - This is Immie, btw! I can't seem to log into my account for some reason >_<;;

  2. Aw, no. Flu's never fun, I hope you're feeling better real soon. At least it's a perfect excuse for a movie marathon. :)


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