Saturday, July 23, 2011


A very angelic collection this week. Just a reminder of how cool angel wings can be.

I'm pretty sure I need these pants.

They make pens in nearly every style and with any design. Here are two that will probably make any stationary fanatic go "aw...".

These pins are amazing! I love the artwork and I love the setting!

Anything cute always gets made into some sort of bento product it seems.

I like how this ring doesn't wrap around your finger completely. How such a tiny detail makes such a huge difference.

I once gave in and spent a bit more to get a nice Swatch, I imagine this one by Jeremy Scott costs a bit more than the average Swatch and I'm not sure it's practical, but boy, does it look cool!

Though I don't often post about sneakers, I absolutely adore them. To stop me from getting too hyped up about it I try not to browse the internet for them at all, but staying on the Jeremy Scott trail I had to post these. And I would have a really really hard time resisting them if I ever saw them in real life.

But because I love finding cheaper varieties of cool stuff I'm posting these too. You can put them on any shoe you like. Though these are kids' sizes I suppose you could wear them as an adult, right?

They'd go great with my gold backpack and jeans. Though there's a silver variety that goes perfectly with my silver jeans too;) Yeah, I have a thing for shiny pants, but I'm sure we'll get to that that topic some other time.


  1. Reminds me of Thor-- the helmet, you know. ♥

  2. great post! i especially love the MyZoetrope pins. so cute : )


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