Saturday, July 16, 2011


A collection of delicate little treasures today.

The flowergirl print is so beautiful! I imagine it would look stunning anywere and it'd make for a lovely piece of art in a nursery as well.

Sometimes fun bracelets are just too big and impractical, but this one is perfect.

I often go for ballerina kind of lace skirts, but I would absolutely love to add this dress to my wardrobe. It reminds me a lot of Degas' paintings.

Butterfly earrings are always fun and the ones from beautyspot are just stunning. And because of the lovely colors they are wearable all year round, not just summer.

Another lace piece with such an elegant and romantic feel.

Lipbalms are a definite weakness of mine, especially ones with special scents/flavors(or really cute ones!). I have to finish some old ones first, but I can not wait to try this ginger peach variety. Though there's more in the shop that sounds delicious, like green tea, almond & honey or sweet asian pear.

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