Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All packed up and ready to go

I'm leaving tomorrow! Nearly everything is packed and I am stoked. You've read about me trying to pack light this time, so I figured I'd show you what I'm taking along and let you be the judge of that.

There's my little suitcase, my backpack with my laptop in it and my purse(which I might put in my suitcase until I get there, so it might not count). I love how everything is so color coordinated (some accidently). Even my travel outfit and all my other clothes go well together and most even match my luggage.

Of course I needed my photography equipment, so here's my camera bag and my tripod in it's cute extraterrestial backpack.

Just in case, I like to have a luggage tag on my camera bag, I picked this one so there'd be no doubt at all about whose bag this is.

Can't travel without a nice read right? I am bringing not only The Happiness Project, but also a Zadie Smith book that I've been dying to read. With, again, a matching owl.

As you can see I'm bringing extra stuff due to the workshop, but if it weren't for the whole photography thing I think I would have travelled quite lightly. Though I have the feeling I'll be coming back with a lot more than I came with.


  1. that's definitely light. what a nice choice of read.. weee love the owls

  2. Agreed; that is packing light. I've seen people dragging 2 suitcases and a day bag before which they apparently classed as light! (Probably had everything in it but the kitchen sink...)
    I'm sure you will anyway, but here's wishing you a wonderful time!

    xo Amy

  3. I'd say that is pretty light yes :)
    And let me know about that book - I have seen it around but never picked it up!

    Hugs and a happy trip!


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