Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Business cards, finally!

Getting genuine business cards has been on my to-do list for quite some time. I used to print my own with my logo and website on different sheets of colored paper, but I'm really glad I now have some "real" ones that actually show what I sell.

Yesterday I got 500 of them in my mailbox. They look better in real life I think, but this is clear enough to give you an impression, right?


  1. That is awesome!! They look great :) I just got some too for the first time. I used to get mine printed on cardstock and got it cut at the school, it was nice for then :)

    Enjoy them!

  2. Ooh, very nice! Great mix of cuteness/all the info. It must feel pretty cool having your own business card. :D

  3. So pretty!

    Who made them???

  4. They look wonderful! And yes - clear enough to give us all an impression on the quality of print on them. Well invested!

    xo Amy

  5. Ooh! They look so colorful and fun! :D and yes, they certainty give off the right impression!

    x, I

  6. Cool! It's great when you have proper ones! I really nedd to get new ones too :)

  7. You got decent printing for your business card its key to attractive card.
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