Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pretty Paintings

This is one of my latest finds in the art department and I have to say I'm very excited about it. Alex Gross' art is a combination of Mark Ryden and Frida Kahlo's work with a bit of Isabel Samaras mixed in.

Apart from the bizarre scenes, what I noticed first was his use of color. When I paint I often stay away from primary colors and use similar colors to these works instead. I love how, even though a lot of his paintings seem to be a bit sepia-toned, the colors are still so vibrant.

The skulls and flowers and positions of the models are a lot like Frida Kahlo's paintings.

(He even included an owl!)

But the landscape, symbols and composition reminded me more of Mark Ryden.

You know how much I love creepy and cute, but the same often goes for bizarre and beautiful. And this certainly does!

(Wouldn't this make a perfect cover for a Murakami book?)

I'd love to know the ideas behind every work, because it seems like there's a lot of thought behind it. It is all so very intriguing, I can't wait to find out more about it.


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