Saturday, September 25, 2010

Etsy Meet-Up and Crafty Market

As I mentioned yesterday, I went to an Etsy meet-up and as I expected it was great. Quite a lot of people showed up and it was great to meet people who do the same. Turned out a bunch of them were either going to visit or sell at today's Crafty Market. I already had plans to go there and despite today's rain it turned out to be a great market.

After walking past this owl(from this shop) several times I realised I just had to have it, it will make for a very cute pillow in my room.

And I also got a lovely new wallet(from this shop)! It is very practical, a bit bigger than I've had before, and has a lot of my favorite colors that go with most of my clothes and coats.

It's been an exhausting but amazing weekend so far and I'm hoping to relax and maybe craft a little tomorrow.


  1. awesome items. :D very cute owl you have there.

  2. The owl pillow is great! Combines owls and afghans - PERFECT.

    <3 Rachele

  3. you're another owl fan! i've a couple of friends who adore owls too and you bet that i'll be introducing them to your blog so that they can get their regular fix of owl reads. :)

  4. oh, I knew I'd regret to miss the Saturday's market... Anyways, it was great to get to know you on the Friday meet up :) Your items are lovely (so is the owl you bought!) Now that I found you here, I'm anxious to browse through your pages :)


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