Friday, August 20, 2010

Lovely Movies

Even though I have a Paul Auster book waiting to be read, I have not yet read anything he wrote. However I have seen the movie of his book Smoke and it immediately made it to my list of favorites.

I had recorded it on video, then our video player broke and I couldn't find the dvd anywhere, because it wasn't released in my country. However I found one a few weeks ago, an import version, but a dvd nonetheless. All that's left is trying to see if my dvd player can read this version, but I have good hope for it.

Let's just hope the movie is as great as I remember it to be...

Just a Little Update

Today I spent eating ice cream, very good ice cream I might add. I had won all the ice cream I, and up to 5 friends, could eat in half an hour. We ended up getting little portions of each and every flavor they had.

Tomorrow I'll be going into town again, this time for bubble tea and photoshoots. A girl I met on the last photography course, her Canon, my Nikon and me will be walking the streets of Amsterdam on possibly the last day of the Dutch summer. I'll be showing you some pictures, I'm sure.

This is my last weekend of freedom, although I have never been so excited to start school. I know this will be a lot of fun and I will learn a lot about a lot of things over the next four years.

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