Sunday, August 8, 2010

CLOSED Giveaway: US and Canada!

You may remember the amazing owl clock giveaway from a while back, when CSN was so kind to let me pick something to give to one of you. They have so many shops, including one for luggage which of course is very convenient in this time of year, now a lot of us get to go on vacations.

Now, they're back with yet another giveaway. The very lucky winner will receive this awesome Skip Hop Zoo Owl Backpack.

What you need to know/do to enter:

First off this giveaway is, unfortunately, only for US and Canadian residents.

And if you're able to enter, just leave a comment.

Earn extra entries:
+1 if you follow my blog
+3(each) if you grab one or both of my banners

To keep things a little clearer for me please leave all entries in ONE comment in which you state how many extra entries you've earned and how.

The giveaway will be open for 1 week, the winner will be announced on the 12th of August.

Good luck and thanks for joining!


  1. Oh my goodness, that backpack is wonderful!!

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  3. oops. Wrote a comment and then realized it didn't follow your instructions! Sorry bout that...

    Oh. My. Goodness. I am so in love...
    I'm already following you of course. :] And I already have your button on my one blog, I'm going to go add it to my other blog, too.
    +1 for following
    +3 for banner on one blog
    +3 for banner on other blog (I guess I count both of those?)

    If I don't win I might just have to buy this for college this year... teehee.

  4. This would be just too perfect for college. I agree with Laura. I might just have to buy it if I don't win!

  5. Cutest backpack EVER!!!! Love love love owls <3

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  7. So cute! That backpack would be perfect for college!

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  10. my bad! i accidentally left two comments.
    -this is adorable! your giveaways are always so awesome!! :D [i most def follow you!]
    -AAAND i added your banner to my blog! :D

  11. OH MY GOD ! that is freakin adorable .


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