Wednesday, August 11, 2010


About my Trip

It seems about time I wrote that post about my trip to France, while it's still fresh in my mind.

Whenever you go to the middle or upper regions of France it's hard to predict the type of weather you'll have, especially in the mountains it can get quite rainy. But this year, we had sunshine most of the time. And this was our view:

One of the most unexpected and lovely things I saw while I was there, were this odd couple. A goose and a swan, in love, swimming round the lake day in day out. No others in sight, just the two of them.

Of course I bought some souvenirs, including a few owls. When I spotted some among other wooden animals on this tiny little market I was very excited. One man made al these amazingly cute wooden animals, he also had bigger owls, even on small trunks, but I fell for this little fellow and the hair pin.

One of my vacation traditions is to buy a fountain pen, every year my mom and I both get one at the very same shop in France. I actually got this one earlier on in Antwerp. (Notice the little owl?!)

It's also my chance to get some amazing stationary. Below is a lovely notebook and a mini folder to keep little documents safe.

Now onto the necklaces I made during my stay. The lovely lady who runs the place with her boyfriend has this whole shed filled with supplies, including lots and lots of beads.

I made three sets of jewelry, plus a few small other things.

Apart from jewelry I made and owl out of soapstone, but more on that later.

It was an awesome trip and chances are I'd like to go there again next year.

Just a Little Update

Ever since I've been back I've been extremely busy. Art school is starting in a week and a half already. I'm looking forward to it a lot, but I still need to get a lot done before that.

However I'm also excited about getting back to blogging and have been thinking about getting a makeover. I have a clear image of it in my head, but now idea how to go about it. Maybe some of my new classmates will have some tips. Or else I'll have try by myself and see if my idea is even possible. If not I guess I'll stick with this layout, because I still like it a lot. I just thought a more original and personal one might be nice as well.

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  1. Hey there little Lady! I know it's been a while- Summer's take me out of the house and often out from behind the computer. That trip to FRance you had is priceless and how fortunate you are to have such golden experiences!! You remind us how beautiful life can be! I also really love the fountain pen tradition you and your mom have:)
    As far as updating your blog that prospect is always so exciting - I've been thinking about a makeover too or possibly a make over with a second blog....hmm the possibilities. Ok and So its time for art school - you have to maintain the blogging if just to let me know how it all goes. One of the students I'm very close to that just graduated is starting maryland Inst. College of Art (where I went for grad school) in Sept. We checked out the elective choices and were so excited. I hope you're happily anticipating all the possibilities.
    BTW have you seen the new Work of Art tv Bravo reality show??
    and to answer your question I'm still making art despite chickens - Ill be posting some sketchbook doodles soon.
    Ciao and can't wait to hear from you again. :))


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