Monday, August 2, 2010

Back from France

I arrived a few days ago and have been exhausted by the trip, but it was worth it. The creative workshops were a lot of fun and I've met some amazing people. I'm hoping to show some pictures soon, although I didn't take many. So it'll probably be mostly things I made and maybe some souvenirs.

One of the things I bought was a cd from this French artist named Emily Loizeau.

I really like French music, and every time I go to France I browse a cd store to get a full album from artists I know made some nice songs, and usually buy whichever one's cheapest really.

Thankfully this one was really cheap and really good and has, I kid you not, seven bonus songs. And I haven't even gotten round to using the Opendisc extras!

This was just a little vacation-music-update. More on my trip soon...


  1. ahh you are so lucky ! it sounds like you had a lovely time :}

    in regards to the package, yes i recieved it and i LOVE it! thank you so much; i'll be doing a post on it soon .

    have a great week !

  2. yay you are back!!! I was wondering what happened to you! haha and i love when you listen to certain music when you are on vacation or in a certain place. Then every time you listen to that are immediately transported to that city or country. I love that. <3

  3. i love french music too (though i don't know any french)!! they sound very romantic, poetic and calming to me! thanks for sharing!


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