Sunday, August 22, 2010

End of an era, start of a new one...

After being at home for such a long time, I am dying to start art school. And it's only one more day away. All my stuff is packed so I'm ready to leave for introductions tomorrow.

My original plan was to get one of those custom diaries done, full of my favorite paintings and of course a Mark Ryden on the cover. However I wasn't sure if a school diary still sufficed so I decided to buy a really cheap one and customize it myself. The store had a few of my favorite colors, so I went there with my postcard collection and tried what would look best. Today I stuck it on the diary in a protective cellophane and viola, all done!

Next up is the bag I'll be using. However I might change to a big backpack later on if it turns out I need to carry a lot of stuff around. The cool thing is you can actually take out the robots and put any image you like in it.

Nerves are starting to kick in a little and I find myself pondering over what to wear on my first day and silly things like that. I'll let you know how my first day went.

Etsy Update

I've been working on a few items that can be used as either bookmarks for larger or hardcover books or worn as headbands. Here's one that I'll be listing as soon as I can:

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