Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It might not be my 150th post anymore, but what I'm about to show you is kind of special, or at least exciting for me.
Taking pictures of my paintings was way harder than I expected, the colors can look completely different as well as the structures. But I gave it my best shot.

First off is a sneak peek of a self portrait I'm working on.

It's hard to paint yourself, because you look different than you think you do and it's hard to be objective, but it's going quite well so far. There are still some weird things going on though, for instance half of my hair is missing, which looks really creepy, so just a little peek today.

Below is a portrait I'm still working on. This was the hardest one to photograph and it still doesn't look like it does in the flesh. The background is way more teal in real life. Oh well, just to give you an idea:

Here's a little close up.

Next up is a still life. One day I surprised my mom with something nice from the bakery, we also had a banana and this is what we were left with in the end:

Lastly a quick portrait I drew of a friend. The rest were all oil paintings so I thought I'd throw a good old simple pencil drawing in the mix.

I've been working on my self portrait these past few days, I hope I can finish it soon, because I need to make way more. I've been doing mostly portraits, but I think I need some abstract work as well as still lifes and lots and lots of model drawings. Plus I want to try some other techniques. And even though I love oil paint I need to use acrylic more often, because it's so much quicker.

Six weeks left and the clock is ticking. I have to try to keep myself focused. I love to draw and paint, but when I know I should be working on it, I start to dread it even though I know I love doing it. Once I'm busy there's no problem, but getting started...
Oh well, it's getting better and I've been painting more and more.


  1. good work! oh how i want to draw and paint!!!

  2. 6 weeks till what? I love your oil paintings! The portraits (yours and the other) have a very mystical element about the way you composed them. I loved the close ups because we can see the strokes and layers and nuances of color :)) Your drawing has really good attention to value - but I have to say that banana peel rocks and came out very good realistically. You simply need to keep working because the secret formula to master is simply doing (over and over and over like those piano scales). Wonderful - I'll keep checking in and so looking forward to see more!


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