Friday, April 16, 2010

Birthday through My Nikon

Today was my birthday and I thought I'd share some pictures with you. It was a great day, better than I expected.

First off is the cake of course, one of the most important ingredients to a birthday party. Instead of baking one I decided to buy it after all. I might bake something when I invite some friends over though.

Don't you think the cake is adorable? It tasted as good as it looks and even though it's small, there are still a few pieces left for tomorrow.
When I bought the cake yesterday, I noticed H&M had a sale. Now I never really used to get a new birthday outfit from my mom, but I did this year. The cardigan is new as well as the (rockstar like, studded) jeans. (Jewelry is from Chouettes btw.)

Now onto the presents. This bird is magnetic and can be used to keep paperclips together, it also sings and looks adorable.

Here is the expected nailpolish as well as a notebook and two tiny tins of fun goodies.

I also got Bollywood stationary and curry flavored mints.

This last picture shows the gifts from my dear friend Lily that arrived by post today, perfect timing, isn't it? My first Mark Ryden book! (and postcards too.) Along with some gorgeous Japanese items, owl giftbag, owl post-its and retro candy.

As you can see it went great in the gift department, but it was just a fun day all round. My dad also gave me some nice gifts, including a book from Keri Smith as well as a copy of "Into the Wild" that I've been wanting to read ever since I saw the movie.

Tomorrow is a bittersweet day since it's the last day of art school. We'll have a little exhibition and will probably grab a bite or drink afterwards. As much as I'm looking forward to it, I'm also a bit nervous and sad. This is really it.
I'm happy to have made it to every single class and to have met some amazing people whom I'll hopefully stay in touch with. It was a great couple of months in which I've learned so much and laughed even more. I never thought it would be, but I guess it's true what they say, this really is the best time of my life.

I hope you are having a blast too.


  1. happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!! love you!!!!!!!!!

  2. happy birthday, blog friend! cake looks delicious! and curry flavored mints? wild! you'll have to let us know how they taste!

  3. Happy birthday sweetums! hurrah! Seems as though you had such a lovely birthday too! everything looks SO SO perfect! That is the most interesting looking cake I've ever seen! YUM! :) and those gifts are just swell! I LOVE it all! And I'm sure you love them even more because they're all for you! hehe lucky lady! *birthday hugs*


  4. P.S. Mark Ryden is one of my most fav! I have one of his illustrations of "the circus" framed on my wall! Oh, he is just brilliant! I love what you got from your friend! so lovely! & your folks are super sweet to buy you all of that too! Special gifts! x


  6. Lady - Happy Belated BIRTHDAY!!!! Your gifts are FANFREAKINTASTIC!!! I love Mark Ryden too! You have a great friend Lily there! My younger brother showed me into the wild- it was too sad for me...but which keri smith did he give you? Those are pretty cool too and will give you a lot to blog about! I can hear your trepidation about the end of art class in the blog...but don't worry something great will happen next!


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