Monday, April 5, 2010

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Just a Little Update

Today was an uneventful day. It included some working out, eating lots of those cupcakes and taking pictures of my cat.

Maybe you have noticed my new design for Etsy. It's a Pucca bookmark (also available as a brooch). I made and listed one earlier, but it was sold the same day, so I thought I'd make a new one.

Yesterday was more exciting, it had been ages since I went to the movies with my mom. We didn't have any easter plans and had been wanting to see a few movies. I'd already given up on seeing "Up in the Air" but somehow it was still showing and we were both up to it. It was great!

After that we were able to pop into H&M about half an hour before closing time. I hadn't been in one for months, but made up for that now. Or actually my mom did, it was her treat.

I was hoping they'd have some Sonia Rykiel items on sale and they did. Just a few. I managed to get this little hot pink sleeveless cardigan. I can see it might be a pretty weird item to wear, but I love it. Have you noticed the teeny weeny pockets?

They had one of those little racks with sales hidden away at the back and it was there that I found the beauty you can see below. One little black and purple dress that happened to be in my size, for only 9, yes 9 euros. It was love at first sight.

Now I usually don't buy H&M hoodies at full price, but this one seemed like the perfect solution to my art school problem. Which is being afraid to get paint on my clothes. I don't think I'll still have that fear wearing this:

I can't believe I only have four art school classes left. Then I'll have to wait till September. Waiting - a word which here means working really hard on my portfolio to make sure I'll actually make it into art school full time. (Don't you just love Lemony Snicket? I should really finish reading the rest of the series.)

P.S. How was your easter?


  1. I love H&M! And that dress is a great find. I hope you had a fantastic Easter, dear! xx

  2. Wow - what a wonderful day you had and that dress is to die for!! I'm a portfolio development AP art teacher and that hoodie just made me smile! So you need to tell me more about your art school dreams - I have my MFA from the maryland Institute college of art and many of my students just got into some of the top art colleges in the country! YAY! Maybe I can be of help to you toO! Love LOve Love your little pucca I used to be CRAZy for her when I was a wee bit younger ;))

  3. love those jacket
    i want it!!

  4. h&m is so awesome. i can't find one near houston, though! :( the hoodie and the dress are so cool :D

  5. eeeeee Pucca bookmark! too cute!!


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