Sunday, April 4, 2010

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Feel Good Food

Happy easter! I hope you are having a great time, whether it's special family dinners or just hanging out at home.

Easter is mostly about food these days and mine was too, but mostly in a non-eastery way.

This morning I started out finally baking those blueberry muffins/cupcakes I told you about. A whole lot went wrong, but I still have a few decent looking cupcakes now. I used a pretty shimmery raspberry glaze.

Did you know that Fluff(the marshmallow spread) rises when you bake it? I filled a few of them half up with batter, put some Fluff on it and then some more batter. When I took it out of the oven the marshmallow stuff was on top. How weird?!

My cat was totally licking her lips too.
Is this the first time I ever show you my cat, or maybe even mention her? I don't know how that happened, I guess owls and cats might not be that good of a combination.

The picture above shows my dinner. My mom made those pre-cut easter potatoes, it was cute. And delicious!


  1. Happy Easter darling! Yummy treats & your kitty is just gorgeous! xx

  2. Aw, your cat is gorgeous! My cat likes to sit atop my boyfriend's computer monitor and often when she's asleep her tongue pokes out just a little. We always try to photograph it but she catches us. Your cupcakes look so good! I should like to try this Fluff stuff.
    That is so cool Laura Marling signed your guitar strap! A friend of mine stole Laura Marling's mittens at one of her shows. Poor mittenless Laura.
    Hope good parcels are in abundance in the blue eyed night owl house!

  3. oh yummy ! i did some easter baking too :D
    hope you had a lovely easter ! <3

  4. oh goodness, those potatoes are too cute! and the cakes look gorgeous! I've never had marshmallow fluff, it sounds good!

  5. Die aardappeldingetjes! Supercute
    ik zag deze week ook kaasplakjes in de vorm van een konijn (:


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