Friday, April 9, 2010

Nikon Time

After finding out some of my favorite artist's where coming to my favorite venue, I went into the center of the city to buy some tickets. I'll be going to Ryan Shaw next month, as well as Lonely Drifter Karen(click for my blogpost on them), both of which I've seen before. But I also got a ticket to my first Tegan and Sara gig. I know I haven't told you yet but I am pretty obsessed with them. They hardly ever come to the Netherlands, let alone Amsterdam. They've been to a festival in another city not too long ago, so I thought they wouldn't come here again for another few years. It was such a great surprise.

Now onto the pictures.
After buying the tickets I decided to get some canvases. On the way there I asked some strangers if I could take their portaits.

I knew I loved taking portraits after that one studio session in art school. Taking pictures of strangers on the street is something I've always wanted to do. But I was afraid. However, yesterday, I found a way to work around that a little. Instead of taking photos of passersby I asked a few people if it was ok, and traded most.

The picture below is the only one I shot without "permission".

Apart from buying tickets and canvases and carrying my Nikon around, I also picked up a few free magazines. One of them had an ad for a photography competition on the back. It's a youth magazine and you can win a photography course, a publication and a half year subscription to a magazine. The only condition they have is that you send in a series of three pictures.

Thursday is the last day to sign up. I think I might go with portraits, I still have a few more and I can pick the three I like best. What do you think? Could that work or is it better to pick another subject? Any suggestions?

Have a great day!


  1. Oh wow, i love these kind of posts about taking photos of random people. It's so hard to just walk up to someone and ask to take a photo of them but when they say yes it's always fun! I love Nikon, it shows the beauty of realism. I'll be getting a Nikon very soon! These photos inspire me more! Great post darl! x

  2. Ok so I hope I'm not too late in commenting here and that you DID apply for the competition! You must do the portraits (though I love your other shots too - the compositions of the vignettes of Amsterdam were great! I'm so proud you found the challenging courage to ask strangers- it makes the pics that much more powerful!


Thank you for your comments, they really make my day!


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