Friday, January 25, 2013

Lovely Movies: Toast

The moment I heard of Toast I knew I had to watch it. It has this atmosphere I love in movies: a bit bittersweet, some nice humor and a touch of magic. Throw in Freddie Highmore and it instantly shoots to the top of my watch list.

It tells the story of Nigel Slater's childhood. Now if you don't know Nigel Slater -cook and food writer- you can still thoroughly this film. And once you're done chances are that you'll want to read his book too. I know I do!

One minute rule!

One final tip: stock up on some ingredients! Because this might very well inspire you to do some baking of your own...


  1. this sounds great! i've been needing some movies to rent. this is definitely on my list now.

  2. This looks great! I love Helena ^^
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love Helena Bonham-Carter! :) Great blog name too :) x

  4. You know...this is weird. I actually just opened my laptop and turned on the TV. I hadn't decided what to watch yet but thanks to this post, I have! I always have to write movies down when I read these and decide I need to check them out but, here I am with netflix up! Haha, thanks for recommending it!

  5. I've never heard of this before now ~ but it looks excellent!

  6. Love Helena. I might need to check this out.

  7. This looks fantastic, definitely going to check it out! And how well has Freddie Highmore grown up :)


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