Monday, December 17, 2012

Something Incredible

Ok, I'll admit that most of my morning was dedicated to watching, and often crying to, audition videos on YouTube. Most of them were singers, but here's another video that actually made the biggest impression on me.

This little girl single-handedly restored some of my faith in mankind. I just love how she tricked everyone into listening to her important message. And to do that in such a witty, heartwarming and kind of kick-ass way too... incredible!


  1. Wow! That was both brilliant and made me cry. I have such a strong passion for animals and love how she sent a message though her words, to all tuning in. I'll definitely be sharing this! Thanks for the great watch!

    Project Lovegood

  2. Ah, the video's been removed. If you find another link, tweet/post it please!

    1. Suki's tip probably works, but in case it doesn't:

  3. (@uncustomary - I think you can click through to watch it on YouTube, which is what I did).

    Loved this - I can't believe she's only 7. She seems both so grown-up and so innocent, a perfect combination for communicating with the world. She's brilliant!

  4. What a sweetie! And I love that she's so passionate. Might have got a little watery-eyed myself :)


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