Friday, December 7, 2012

Lovely Movies: the Accidental Husband

I have to admit that, on paper, this movie doesn't look so good. Uma Thurman plays a famous radio host who ruins a guy's marriage plans by advising his fiancé not to go through with the wedding. He wants payback but that doesn't really go according to plan...

Like I said, it doesn't really sound appealing. But I can assure you that when you watch the actual movie you'll love it.

One minute rule, yet again.

Yes, it may be a little predictable, but it doesn't really run on clichĂ©s and had quite a few surprising elements and twists as well. Also, it's definitely a feel good movie! And then there's, well... Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Enough said.


  1. I have definitely seen this, and agree! I don't think it's the point of romantic comedies to wow you with their originality anyway--they're for when you know what you want and what you want is to feel cosy and amused x

  2. I've never even heard of this movie. I love Uma Thurman though (and cheesy cliche predictable movies) so I will have to give this one a watch.

    Summer x

  3. Laura's comment 'Cosy and amused' is the perfect desciption of the mood needed to watch a film like this. :) I'd quite like it but I don't think my husband would be impressed if I put it on the Lovefilm list! I know, I'll wait for an evning when he's out. That'll do it! ;)
    Jess x

  4. I thought the movie was really cute :)

  5. I actually agree with you on this one. I didn't think this film was going to be a good flick. I watched it with my parents one night when I was visiting. It't pretty sweet. Great pick.


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