Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Owl Things Considered

I try not to buy stuff from Threadless because it often leads to expensive custom fees. But just when I decide to not order anything for a long time, they always throw something cool at me, like this:

Come on...! Not fair!

And on top of that the design that's been on the top of my wishlist for ages is back too! And then there's this one. And of course... this one.

A girl can only resist a certain amount of owls! And I'm really reaching my limit here...;)


  1. You should buy at least one of them! Or ask it as a Christmas gift! ;)

    I love the Totoro-like shirt! That shirt is super lovely!

  2. Super cute!


  3. I've recently found Threadless and wow. I actually pinned that Knight Owl shirt because it's absolute perfection! That and the origami dragon sitting on a book. AHHHH! <3

    Do you also visit RIPT Apparel?

  4. Uh-oh, that blue shirt is made for you!!

    Those custom fees are so annoying aren't they? Worse is that even when the actual fee is not much, the parcel company usually sticks a great big 'admin' fee on top. I does make it hard to buy all but the smallest items from the US - very frustrating.

  5. I love the design on that shirt! The blue owl is super cute!



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