Thursday, November 17, 2011

3 new discoveries

I was never one to spend much money on cosmetics and stuff like that, sure I loved to visit the Body Shop every once in a while but I never really understood what the big deal was. Well until now.

When you have very low energy for a while other things tend to get messed up too, like your skin. Suddenly I couldn't handle all my skin cremes any more, so I decided to take the risk and spend a (what I considered) massive 26 euros on a pretty small jar of Vanishing Cream at LUSH.

So worth the risk! I was hooked since the very first time I tried it on.
LUSH has won me over. I'd never tried anything except some lip balm and their (unfortunately discontinued) black licorice solid shampoo, but now I can't wait to try more, well... if my budget allows it.

Next up, I had to buy my mom some birthday gifts and unsurprisingly found something at the Body Shop. The lovely lady gave me all sorts of discounts and things and I could even pick out one of their new lip balms. Though the rest of the flavors seemed really nice too, I chose the one with mint. Mint could, of course, be either boring or overwhelming, but it wasn't. It's just perfect!

Lastly, I don't know if you've heard of Sabon, it's a really cool, but yet again, quite expensive soap store. A while back though, I could not resist their Pure Vanilla Hand Sanitizer.

Perhaps a bit germophobic, but I hear the desk area is the grossest place in the entire house, and figured that was the perfect excuse to get this unbelievably delicious stuff!
I really need want one of their body scrubs one day, but it's quite the investment so I'm putting it off.

Anyway, in this weird and "foggy" time, I'm just trying to take care of myself as best I can and I'm super excited I found some great things that definitely make life better. More coming soon as they recently released GlossyBox here and I was there to try their first one!

Feel free to share any products you've found recently or just can't live without. It's always great to discover new things!


  1. LUSH vanishing cream is the only stuff I put on my face, it's great!

  2. me oh my oh, vanishing cream is awesomeness. Its the only one that doesnt give me spots!!!


  3. I want to try that vanishing cream. I love going out and making new discoveries like this. I am allergic to so many synthetic things that most of the products I use have to be all-natural.

  4. Lush cosmetics are really my go to brand. they are great with all natural, handmade goodness. I'm glad you are as in love with it as I am! I will have to try out your other recommendations, Laura. xoxo all the best

  5. The Body Shop is the best! I'll have to look for that lip gloss.!/MandyCrandell


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