Saturday, May 28, 2011


Found a lot of lovely (mostly) teal items this week. Here they are!

This lovely vintage beauty case.

I'm basically head over heels with this purse, it's perfect!

These custom pet pendants are incredible. So much fun and look a lot like the pets that were sent in too.

Another superb owl tee by Threadless.

I know I always need to control the urge to pop bubble wrap, but here's a little gadget that lets you induldge in that freaky need as much as you'd like.

Found these mini wallets and I think they're amazing! Especially fond of the mint one.

Has anyone else tried these? When I was little I used to get them in the US. I've never really been scared bugs and wasn't creeped out in the least. Want a lollipop with a bug in it? Sure!


  1. Loving all the beautiful bright colors for spring like teal. I have never tried the bugs in the pops :) but have seen them.

  2. Hee!
    Ik heb net een post geplaatst met die uilentas erin :)
    Ik vond het ook heel gezellig gisteren. Tot snel weer!

  3. That vintage beauty case is magical! I love the shade of blue in that and the purse. Great finds!


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