Thursday, May 19, 2011

Picture This...

I'm currently enrolled in a 3-class photography course. Yesterday I went to the second one, so there's only one left. It covers all the technical stuff (which is good, because that's what I wanted to know), so we haven't really been working creatively yet, but I've been told we'll have a different kind of assignment next week.

After yesterday's class I walked past this owl dress and could not resist! It's so pretty and comfortable and it even has pockets!

Today I wore it with one of my favorite owl rings.

I also went to get a bite and a drink (a deliciously sweet lemon iced tea) while reading a Kafka book I'd just picked up from a discount bookstore a few stores back.

The day before I went to get some pictures printed for the course when I spotted this gorgeous cat. S/he is very shy and you really have to trick him/her to look you in the eye, after which it will soon realize what s/he's doing and look away again. I can't believe I was lucky and quick enough to photograph the cat behind it's window.

I have a few other new things in store and will be back with more pictures soon. Including of some cameras.....


  1. Oh that dress is just gorgeous, I would love one similar with baboshka dolls on it.

  2. Lucky you that get to go on a photography course and damn that dress is cool!
    Happy weekend :)

  3. oh, Where do you buy this dress?? !! Il like it!

    1. I found it on a market somewhere. It's not from a proper shop or brand, so unfortunately I can't really tell you where to get one. If you know of any markets that have similar dresses, that would be your best bet;)

  4. Ohhh please...where did you buy this lovely dress?


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