Sunday, May 8, 2011

In the mail...

My birthday being just a few weeks back, I received some truly amazing belated gifts in the mail this weekend!

This one's from blogger ShimmyImmie, I knew there'd be something in the mail from her, but this was such an amazing surprise! Above: a copy of Jane Eyre she sent me(can't wait to read it!), along with an adorable owl card and the most beautiful angel wing earrings I have ever laid eyes on. And below you'll see a very cool Badtz-Maru purse and adorable Hello Kitty buttons! This was all such an amazing surprise, thank you so much!

Next up is from my dear friend Lily, who has such a great eye for so many things really, but among them: gift wrapping.

In the package I found this gorgeous matryoshka box that contained so many cute postcards, envelopes etc.

To top this all off, I'd been given a gift certificate to spend on boygirlparty items on Etsy. It always seemed such a great shop and now having seen the items in real life I can tell you they are not disappointing in the least.

Being such a sucker for pretty stationary I picked these notepads and labels. And because I liked the art so much, I chose a whole bunch of magnets, the really big ones I thought I'd use as paperweights. The small ones (being very strong) are perfect for my (super weak) magnetic board.

As you can see I've been spoiled this weekend! Granted I was by myself, but being given all these presents and seeing all the effort that went into it, I felt like I had a second birthday party!

Hope you had a great weekend too! Did you do anything special with your mom(or maybe kids) on Mother's Day?

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