Friday, March 18, 2016

Lovely Movies: An / Sweat Bean

I've always wanted to see a Naomi Kawase film, and when I heard about her new film "An" I was determined to not let this opportunity pass me by. So with a likeminded friend I went and saw it very soon after it came out.

"An" tells the story of a Japanese pancake stand and three people that work and/or eat there. It's not a highly original plot (and could have done with less symbolism), but it's a beautiful movie that left me quite warm and fuzzy, as well as hungry.

I tend to really enjoy these films about ordinary people that really see the beauty in everyday life. Not every film needs to be incredibly eventful to be interesting. And the pacing of "An" was actually perfect. Slow enough to prove its point, yet not so much as to leave its viewers bored. And it definitely made me want to catch up on the director's other films!

P.S. If you've already seen this movie and crave something similar, definitely check out "Megane";)

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