Friday, October 17, 2014

Review: Kawaii Box

I love happy mail! So subscription boxes always got me excited, but few actually made it to my part of the world. Until Kawaii Box showed up! They are definitely the cutest subscription service and they kindly sent me a box to review.

My expectations were pretty high, but I was still blown away when my very own Kawaii Box actually showed up! I can honestly say that there wasn't a single thing in there that isn't adorable. So lets have a closer look, shall we?

When I opened the box I saw exactly what you see in the picture above and I instantly knew it would all be great! The thank you-card was very sweet with its handwritten note, and the bunny post card was the first actual product I saw.

After that it was a huge splash of color -mostly pink, of course- that contained one cute thing after the other! This make-up bag/coin purse for instance. I love the design and the fact that it has two zippers. So cute, yet so practical as well!

I also got some candy-shaped hair ties and a sheet of pink pearl stickers that might actually make it onto my phone.

An adorable Rilakkuma raspberry macaroon squishy. It looks quite edible actually, made my mouth water a little…

So it's a good thing they sent some actual candy along too. Here is some grapefruit flavored Puccho!

This towel made me super excited! I love those little Japanese towels, but they are hard to find outside of Asia. This one is actually quite big too. And it even has a little name tag in the upper corner. A very clever touch, I think!

This cute cat below is a pencil sharpener. It actually has holes for both regular shaped pencils, and for bigger ones.

I find these lovely bunny stickers quite hilarious. Some of their positions and facial expressions are so funny!

The Hello Kitty pen is one of my favorite items in the whole box! The fineliner pen itself is really cute and writes wonderfully, but the main feature, of course, are the charms on the top. One Hello Kitty and one chocolate bar!

And last, but definitely not least (in fact, another one of my absolute favorites from this box!), is this amazing cat plushy. It's so soft and so cute, I just adore it! It also reminds me of my actual cat. I'll need to find a good place to hang this one!

That's it for products, however, there was also a coupon for 10% off at Blippo so I can get even more Kawaii stuff!

Final Verdict:
I'm a fan! It's a very affordable way of surprising yourself with a whole bunch of kawaii items, in fact, thanks to the low price I didn't even have to worry about paying any extra custom fees.
Anyway, the anticipation of receiving this made me excited already, and the actual box made my day! I really enjoyed the things they picked and would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes adorable Japanese stuff!

In case you're interested in subscribing…
Kawaii Box is only $18,90 a month and worldwide shipping is included. You can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time. So even if you're looking for something to just brighten your dark cold winter months, this is perfect!
Please note that the boxes go out at the beginning of each month. So if you subscribe now you'll get another box of 10-12 original/licensed Japanese and Korean kawaii items in the mail in November. It's still a surprise what's in there!

P.S. Alhough I did receive a one-month subscription for free, all opinions are honestly mine. It genuinely made me super excited!


  1. Wow, what a neat idea! I love that keychain! Cuteness-overload!

  2. mega thumbs up for kawaii box :)

  3. This is probably a subscription box I would actually sign up for!! XD so kawaii!!

  4. *Drooling* Everything in that box is cute!!!

  5. Kawaii! ;.; I love everything kawaii and Nihon no. Love this review - need that plushy cat!

  6. I got this box too. It's fabulous isn't it ! Xx


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