Monday, July 8, 2013

Review: Bagable

When Bagable offered to send me my favorite bag from their website, I had quite a hard time choosing. They have so many purses, messenger bags and backpacks to choose from. And from so many brands as well!

But when I saw the Nica Ashley shoulder bag, I just fell in love. With its embroidery, zigzag edging, funky lining and beautiful rose, it had me mesmerized. And out of seven pretty colors I chose a beautiful tan shade.

When it arrived and I tried it out, I found that it's not only pretty, but incredibly practical as well. Let me show you!

When you pull the handles away from each other, you'll find two open compartments on either side, which is really handy for the things you want to grab easily whenever you need them. Like sunglasses, an umbrella or a notepad.

And the main zipper opens up to the biggest part of the bag, which has another little zipped pocket, as well as a place to slide your phone in. And finally, you can store things behind a magnetic flap in the front as well!

This really is a bag full of options. Not just because it has a lot of handy compartments, but also because you can carry it both in your hand or on your shoulder. It is easily accessible but safe from pickpockets, too.

Final Verdict:
Working with Bagable has been wonderful! My choice of bag got shipped out quickly and the quality and user friendliness both exceeded my expectations. This is a bag I'll be flaunting as often as I can.


If you're looking for a new purse, backpack or luggage for your vacation, be sure to visit Bagable. They have some great items even below 20 pounds! There are some more upscale bags that cost more, but overall it is a very affordable website with good service and a lot of things to choose from.

P.S. Bagable provided the bag, but I was not paid to write this review. These are all my honest opinions.


  1. That bag is gorgeous, so cute!

    There is giveaway going live on my blog in half an hour for Shabby Apple, a lovely vintage/retro shop if you are interested :-)

  2. I love Nica bags, this one is gorgeous x

  3. That's an awesome bag, it's gorgeous!

  4. What a super thing. Love the bag, it's gorgeous. Love that!! xx

  5. the bag is gorgeous! super cute!
    -Deana, from BirdsandOxfords

  6. Love it!
    Great pick!

  7. It looks very nice!

    Ps: i'm doing a fashion-related survey for my dissertation, 5 mins, much much help ♥

  8. Cute, its a lovely colour and I love a bag with pockets. :)


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