Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lovely Movies: Frances Ha

Frances Ha is a black and white jewel of a movie. It is so quirky and realistic! Since I had won two tickets, I seriously considered going twice myself, as I knew I would love it. I took my mom though, but I might still have to go again.

Greta Gerwig does a phenomenal job. It didn't even feel like watching actors at work, all characters could be real people. They had inside jokes, made mistakes, acted quirky and got drunk in not so sexy ways.

It's mostly a feel-good movie, but it also shows the sadder parts of life, like that feeling of being absolutely stuck while everyone else seems to be moving on and getting somewhere. So it did make me a bit blue, but mostly really happy.

One scene in particular -the little tid-bit in Paris at the theater- made me laugh for at least 10 minutes because it was so recognizable. Needless to say, I highly recommend you go see it.


  1. omg, this looks super cute! definitely adding it to my to-watch list, thanks :)

  2. This looks really interesting, will have to watch it :)) xx


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