Thursday, April 5, 2012

In the mail...

If you've seen the post about iamabird, I'm pretty sure you remember Madeleine's beautiful jewelry. Well, I am happy to show you all that I now have my very own necklace!

Isn't it perfect? I am smitten with this cute owl in its little garden and wooden home. I love that it's made from recycled wood(it actually used to be a wine vat)! And the resin finish is impeccable.
My favorite thing about it is that the garden and the owl are different layers, it makes for a lovely 3D effect.

I'm sure you'll find this one in many outfit posts to come!

Thanks Madiee!

Since I first posted about iamabird, Madeleine has added some new pieces, I thought I'd show you a few.


Check out the iamabird Etsy shop if you haven't already. And also hop on over to Madeleine's blog, as it's filled with fun posts as well as shop updates.



  1. Hi, Laura! The necklace is adorable!

    Speaking of getting things in the mail, I haven't forgotten about your package! I'm just a bit tight with money right now and have to send a few other things I committed to, ok? Please, bear with me :/.

    Hope you're having a great day! ;D


  2. Pretty necklace! They look really nice! I'm off to check out the shop now. :)

  3. Oh my goodness, these are incredible!

  4. That dress is absolutely splendid! So cute! I might just have to get one of her pieces for myself!

    Little Lady Little City

  5. Super adorable! Natural woods + owls? Yes Please! ^-^ Excellent find.

  6. omg omg omg I looooooove those necklaces and how lucky you are to now be able to wear one whenever you please. The colors are so woodland neutral you could wear with every little thing! enjoy! :)

  7. those are AMAZING. i love 'em!



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