Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pretty Paintings: Chrystal Chan

Chrystal Chan has made some spectacular oil paintings. Though she definitely has her own style, she likes to play around with a lot of different colors, vibes and compositions. Some of her work has a very medieval look to it, others have more modern subjects. It's beautiful and a bit eerie, just the way I like it.



All images belong to Chrystal Chan of course.  


  1. This is lovely...and I like your blog! :)

  2. I love all the little animals in her works! So girly and pretty!

  3. Beautiful. Especially love the girl with the owl. Eerie but captivating xx

  4. These pictures have such a dreamy-like quality! They're wonderful. The first one reminds me of a dark Alice in Wonderland. And the one with the owls- Hedwig anyone? Seriously!

    Ps: Thanks for visiting my corner of the internet! You're blog is awesome!!

  5. These are stunning. I love how pretty they are mixed with the eeriness :]

  6. Ooh these paintings are spectacular <3
    I hang a bunch of random paintings I thrifted for fun on my walls & loove it.
    If I ever see something like this I'll be sure to snatch it right away ;)
    xo, anna

  7. Ooooo! These are lovely photos! I want...


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