Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bunnies All Around

I'd been wanting a blouse with a cute collar for ages, so when H&M released them with this fantastic bunny print I was sold in an instance.

I wore it with a matchin long-sleeved shirt, a simple pair of pants and some lovely knee socks.

As a collar is pretty much jewelry already, I kept it simple with accessories and only wore a bunny ring.

And to top it off I used a tiny bit of Scarlett by Cacharel. I love that scent and the bottle, or mostly the huge cap, is so beautiful!

What's your favorite scent right now?


  1. Such a cute outfit! I love the bunny print top and the bunny ring!
    My favourite scents right now for me is 'Devil Wears Perfume' and for the Mr 'Clinique Happy for Men'. :]

  2. Gorgeous Laura, I love your smile ^___^! And the shirt...I need to go to H&M soon!

    My favourite scent is usually Vera Wangs Preppy Princess, but I've ran out and now I'm loving Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker ^__^

  3. I love that top!! so beautiful! my favourite scent is actually the body shops - morroccon rose :)

  4. Lovely shirt! I hate it that H&M sometimes has the best stuff not everywhere. ;)
    My fav scent is The One, I also use L'Eau The One and I'm absolutely in love with Gaultier Classique but I only had a mini tester version which is almost gone.

  5. This outfit so cute and nice)

  6. Super cute outfit! Loving the ring!

  7. Lovely outfit and I so love the way you've taken the photos, drawing attention to all the prettiest details.

    Hi from Venice Beach! Woke up and found myself on a film set by accident this morning!

  8. What an awesome blouse! ;) I love animal patterned clothes! And I love these colors, too!

    Hope you have a great week! ;D


  9. lovely and exquisite! the bunny shirt *drool*
    xx, anna

  10. I LOOOOOOOOVE me some bunnies!!!! <3 that ring is too cute!
    I'm your newest follower. :)


  11. Wowzers, that blouse is cute. I love the ring to go with it! Just in time for Easter. I love it.

  12. aaaaw, your blouse is just the cutest :)

  13. that blouse is so dreamy, i'm so upset i didn't know about it!
    you're lucky (: i'm loving the ring too.

  14. omg!! That H&M Bunny blouse is adorable!!! I must buy it... will be going to the H&M to get it. Hopefully they have it here too!!


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