Monday, February 28, 2011

Marvelous Music

I am so thrilled that Natalie Portman won the oscar! She's really on a roll award wise, first the Golden Globes and now this. Maybe not such a big surprise as she really deserves it.

Monday means music on my blog, but I am very excited to have an artist today that I can link to Natalie Portman, namely her ex Devendra Banhart. Of course she is now pregnant and engaged to someone else, but I was excited to have seen one of my favorite actresses with one of my favorite musicians.

Devendra Banhart is quite an excentic man, both in appearance and music. He has a very peculiar voice that I really love. Here's one of my favorite songs for you to hear:

In the video above you can spot Bianca Casady from CocoRosie. He really has a talent for surrounding himself with my all time favorite women. I'll post a video featuring Natalie Portman too:

I am aware that this is quite a celebrity-packed blogpost. I'm not into tabloids and things like that at all, but I can get quite obsessive when it comes to not so mainstream people who really have an amazing talent. I may not have posted a lot about my absolute favorite people yet, but you're bound to read about more of them sooner or later.


  1. eee I love natalie and devendra, both!

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  3. He's very unique indeed :) Not to my personal taste, but I certainly appreciate talent when I see it! It takes conviction to go against the norm!

    Oh! Also, you've won a little gift on my blog! See here for details!


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