Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lovely Movies

You know how I often watch a movie because it has one of my favorite actors/actresses in it? Well Love Hurts is another one I discovered that way. I really love Carrie-Anne Moss( yes Trinity from the Matrix). And I saw she was in this. Turned out it also starred Jenna Elfman, from Dharma & Greg, and Camryn Manheim. So I went for it and ordered it.

The trailer doesn't really do the movie enough justice, I liked it a lot lot better than I had expected.

I don't wanna spoil the end for you but I do wanna say that I really liked that it wasn't too cliché.

I went out and bought a few movies today that I think I will love, and some of which I know for sure like Amélie(although Ican't believe I went so long without owning that one), so I won't be running out of reviews any time soon;)


  1. Hello lovely,
    you won my international part of my giveaway! If you'd like to drop me an e-mail, I'll find out what you'd like and get shopping for your prize! x

  2. Of course it is allowed to slack with a movie in the weekend - that is what weekends are all about! :)
    And how amazing was Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity?! Still remember opening scene where she is ambushed by a bunch of cops in that small room like it was yesterday I saw it!

    Hugs and a lovely weekend to you :)

  3. Amelie is such a great film!!! Ah I adore it!


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