Monday, January 10, 2011

Marvelous Music

A few years ago this cd cover caught my eye. I knew it just had to be good music. My mom said that Suzanne Vega had one big hit I probably knew, she was right, everyone has come across Tom's Diner at some point. However I had no idea about the rest of her music.

But I quickly grew to love her other songs and have been a fan ever since. Just a couple months ago she gave a concert here, but I am sad to say I missed it. But she's still very active with her music so I'm hoping to see her live some day.

I'd never seen any of her videos until now, but they're pretty cool, right? And because I can't contain myself I am posting two songs today.

Caramel is definitely one of my favorite Suzanne Vega songs. I'ts way more bossa nova than the rest, but it still has her unique sound too. I can't wait to give it a go on the guitar, although I can't believe I never thought of that sooner.


  1. Yes, Caramel is a classic. I love most everything she has done. If you have a chance, don't miss her show. You won't see a better one anywhere. I'll be seeing her for the second time later this month.

    The performance of Caramel I like best is on her "Live at the Stephen Talkhouse" CD, which used to be sold in her store, but isn't now. I can post the track if you don't have it.

    Be sure to pick up Suzanne's new "Close-Up" series; rerecordings of many of her older songs. They're very different, and much more like what her shows are live. The 1st 2 of 4 albums are out now.

    You have a nice site! Thanks

  2. Helloooo! I really love owls! they are sooo sweet, i want one! hahaah Of course im following you, awesome photo!


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