Sunday, January 30, 2011

Feel Good Food

This past week I've been making a lot of oatmeal. I've always loved it, even the simpler recipes I started out with. But lately I've been trying a lot of new things in it, like goji berries. I also bought pecan nuts and can't wait to get some maple syrup. I will post a recipe one of these days.

And I've continued to explore the Japanese kitchen. Oden have grown to be one my favorite dishes. It's really easy, but so very delicious. I just had some last night.

I've also been trying to eat my way through our stock of jello. Turned out I had a bunch of bags stacked in the cupboard. This one was coffee flavored, hence the strange color. I really love how well the butterfly mold worked, can't wait to try a different color.

We're getting more and more daylight here, which hopefully means I'll be shooting some decent dinner pictures soon. I'm sure I'll keep cooking and baking so expect a lot of food posts when spring starts.
I've really had it with winter and am very much looking forward to spring. Or summer...
Any winter blues tips?


  1. What een hoop bijzonders hier op de mooie foto's. Zonde om op te eten!
    Een fijne avond xx

  2. oh oatmeal, that is too funny. i'm going to have to give goji berries a try. I love me some udon noodles, did you make those yourself?

  3. honestly, i've missed it so much. i'm glad to be back. and ps. your blog looks like it has come a long way! good work :)
    and one more ps. i love oatmeal.


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