Sunday, January 9, 2011

Feel Good Food

As mentioned, I've been experimenting with Japanese food a lot lately. The pictures started piling up, so it's high time I share some with you.

Ok, so the jello isn't really Japanese, but I did give it a bit of a Japanese touch with the cherry blossom right? Either way it tasted really good, like coconut, and it looked pretty cute too. The original jello was white and I used food coloring to make some in pink and then used a cookie cutter for the flower.

I've also been interested in bento boxes lately. For my mom's last work day before her holiday break I had made her one. The sheep was based on this tutorial. The bottom was filled with jello and fruit, including apple bunnies:)

Sent along with my Christmas gifts came a few Japanese gifts as well.

This cute owl package contained this amazing bento book. I read loads of awesome recipes and helpful tips and can't wait to put it all to use.

There also were egg molds in different shapes. I tried the bunny first.

And last but not least, these gorgeous sweets. I'm about halfway through and they are delicious! Some are similar to each other, some are completely unique, so it's always a surprise what I'll get.

Unfortunately it has been to dark here to take any dinner pictures, but as winter passes I'm sure that will change sooner or later and I'm hoping to show you some home cooked meals then.

Have you tried any new foods or recipes lately?


  1. Ohh how adorable! I'd love to experiment with Bento x

  2. I love bento boxes...the creativity and unique ideas that go into making one really surprises me! A few of my friends regularly make and use them, but lunch is the one meal I don't like eating, so I can't really indulge myself ^^;; I also need to branch out with my food choices...I'm a big spice addict..but even spice gets bland after a while :(!

  3. D'aww, this is really sweet :)
    A big yay for bento!

  4. I love the hell out of bento, I'm trying to get in the habit of packing it more often. The work day is so much better when there's a bento to look forward to!


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