Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Owl Things Considered

I hope you all had a great time during the holidays. I sure did enjoy myself with all the food and gift giving. Due to the weather I couldn't really take any proper pictures to show you what I got, but what I can do is show you all the owl stuff my mom gave me.

Of course my wishlist included some Ga'Hoole goodies and I am happy to report those wishes have been granted.

Sadly the boxed set of books turned out to be unavailable, but I am really thrilled with this movie tie-in too, it is very cute and doesn't take up as much room. I can't wait to start reading.

She also got me the DS game and I have to say it is amazing! I really love the graphics and the music too(some games have really annoying and distracting tunes, but this one is great). Ok, I haven't played it that much yet, but it's already save to say I love it. I was a hooked from the start and even saved some owlettes last night in bed.

Only downside is I seem to have some sort of bug in the menu, I click the link I want yet it often leads me somewhere else entirely. Anyone else has that problem?

But that is not all! I've always wanted some owl jewelry from danitashop, but they always seemed to sell out before I got the chance. However not too long ago I spotted these awesome earrings, my mom noticed and said I could order them for Christmas. I'm very excited and can't wait for them to arrive.

Hopefully I'll be able to take some pictures of the rest soon. But this was it for the owls.

I'd love to hear what you got. And how you spent and enjoyed your Christmas. What did you get?


  1. Boy, you got some great gifts! Most of mine were gift cards... all of which I asked for :-)

  2. Oh and sweetie, have you added your city info to Location Central yet? It's where you can see who blogs by you. We're all on there!


  3. I've never heard of it, but with the owls, it kind of reminds me of Harry Potter ;)

  4. Lovely things and Happy New year - soon! :)


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