Monday, December 13, 2010

Marvelous Music

I recently ordered a few items (games for my nintendo DS, dvds and a book) to keep myself entertained during these cold times. The site had a special deal where I could pick something for free. I saw Stacey Kent's album among all the cds, had never heard of her, but immediately liked the cd cover.

So I took a little listen and loved it. Needless to say, that became my free item of choice.

Most of her music's in English, but here's a cute little French song for you to enjoy:

Since it arrived I only had the chance to listen to the whole thing once, but I have plans of doing so again tomorrow while I wrap my Christmas gifts.
Yes, I finally bought some. It's just my mom and me this year. But we're gonna make it a fun holiday and I think I got her some things she'll really like.

How's your Christmas shopping coming along?


  1. Christmas shopping always becomes a stressful thing for me because I am forever leaving things until the last minute, and for some reason this year I have many more people to buy for!

    I do hope you have a nice chilled time tomorrow wrapping your gifts :) I always love that particular part of Christmas!

  2. what games did you get for your DS? haven't played with mine in a while, might need to bust that little guy out!

    love the song! might need to check out more of her songs!!


  3. Oh what fun! Thanks for sharing this, I'll have a listen right now.

  4. What DS games did you get? :D I miss having time to play mine. My favorite games are Animal Crossing DS (THOUGH the gamecube version will always be my favorite) and Resident Evil Deadly Silence.

    I'm staying busy this Christmas, but not killing myself ;D


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